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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 11, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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lives. but one woman refused to abandon her four grandchildren insid and ultimately -- inside and ultimately per rshed -- perished with them. half of them jumped from the window. 55-year-old nancy worrell refused to abandon her grandchildren. >> they said my mom came to the window. she was asking for help, help. she went back and tried to get the kids and didn't make it. >> it took firefighters almost two hours to extinguish the fire but the firefighters had a matter of seconds to get out. a woman tossed her 2-year-old and worrell's husband jumped out the window with his clothes
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engulfed in flames. >> he's in critical condition. >> but the extended family discovered who they could not account for and their fear and apprehension gave way to grief and frustration. >> everybody is thinking about why everybody can't get everybody out, like the last thing my grandmother said -- my grandmother was in the room with all the kids and nobody could get them out. >> firefighters discovered smoke alarms inside the home but there was no indication that they didn't work. >> they indicated they didn't hear any smoke alarms activate. >> reporter: you're looking at a live picture where members of the family still struggling with this, also a lot of friends, kids coming home from school. gathering in silent tribute.
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we understand the american red cross has stepped in to help survivors with food, shelter and therapy. fire investigators, while it's early, say they believe the fire may have started in the basement. reporting live in northeast baltimore, jeff hager. >> in another fire in southeast baltimore two firefighters were seriously burned. that started around 1:00 this morning on bonsal street. one firefighter has burns on his arm, and the other has burns on his face. in the middle of fire prevention week. would you be able to get out of your home if it caught on fire. >> it's making people really reconsider their safety. roosevelt leftwich works for you. >> reporter: the last time a fire like this killed this many people was back in deals of
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2010. since then efforts to help educate people about fire prevention and safety have increased it. takes something like this to happen to make people think. just can't imagine what they're going through. the family and friends hovered around as they tried to figure out what happened here. the cause of the fire not known. where it started, not known. whether there were working smoke detectors in the home, not known. but a grandmother and four grandchildren are dead. >> the city had a very significant loss last evening with the matriarch of the family perished along with the four grandchildren. the fire is being investigated. we stand in support of the
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family as they try to get through this tragedy. >> it takes a tragedy like this to make people think of fire prevention. is my house safe. could i get out. until now fire deaths were down along with the number of fires and injuries. a program gave out free smoke alarms with a 10-year lithium batteries. they are hoping the 5200 they gave out last year will make a deference -- that and more education on what to do. >> we want people to call 311 to make sure the homes are protected with a working smoke alarm. secondly, don't use your oven to heat the home. not only is it a fire hazard but a health hazard, the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning.
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we want to pay void that at all cost -- avoid that at all costs. >> reporter: the city will canvass that neighborhood to make sure people have working smoke detectors. once you make that call, within a couple of hours someone will put in that smoke detector with the 10-year lithium battery. so just call 311. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> definitely a tragedy being felt in the city tonight. a 10-year-old girl missing for days is found dead in colorado. >> the fbi is getting involved because this case may be connected to the case of another missing 11-year-old. >> police worked through the
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night. >> this afternoon ad about i did was discovered two law enforcement. it is the body of jessica ridgeway. authorities are still awaiting a positive i.d. which they said could take a wheel. >> from the helicopter you have footage of the body which would show the body is not intact. >> reporter: on sunday police were able to find her backpack and a water bottle. the discovery comes after police said they were confident the parents aren't a suspect. >> you don't want to experience it. >> reporter: her father lives out of state and is in custody battle with the mother. >> we want to inform the
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community this is as important that they utilize that tip line. >> reporter: the fbi is investigating whether there was a possible connection between reg wie's case and -- ridgeway's case and another one. the wyoming -- while there isn't a definitive connection, police are searching for a white male suspect between 55 and 60 with strawberry blonde hair. tonight the family of clarence mitchell is mourning his death. he was a delegate from 1963 to 1967. he pushed for civil rights
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legislation. his father clarence mitchell, jr. was a long time lobbiest for the naacp. >> weather wise, a seasonable fall afternoon, temperatures in the upper 50s. not so bad for early october. 58 in mt. airy. 60 in cambridge. satellite radar view is clear but you see the impact in the upper great lakes. this cooler shot of air will arrive tomorrow night and into the day on saturday. it will not be bringing the winter weather. this evening, 50s. a few clouds, cool and pleasant. there are some changes as we go from friday night into your saturday. we'll detail it in minutes. >> the orioles will have to dust
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themselves off. >> everybody wants to know, does orioles magic have one more trick up that are sleeves. omazing coverage. >> looking down my sleeves. hey, listen. we got news off the field. joe girardi's father passed away from alzheimer's. he was a little broken up today. the orioles lineup will be the same as last night. buck is not making changes. derek jeter will not stop at short stop. he will be the designated hit are. he won't be playing a playoff game in the field. the last time that happened. tony fernandez was selected by buck showalter. let's take a look at the game
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last night. miguel gonzalez on the hill. seven innings pitch. he was brilliant in keeping them off balance. ryan flaherty had the big hit, putting the orioles ahead 1-0. then it was manny machado. three rooks about to beat the kings. a rod pinch hit. then the tying home run. bottom of the 12th, the game winning home run, first time that's ever been done in baseball history. and ties it and wins it, two pitches he saw last night. that's it. broke our heart. our stomach is repaired. >> the yankees have been
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successful in attacking the orioles greatest strength. that could be a problem going foompletd you have -- forward. you have joe saunders. so we'll see how it goes tonight. talking to fans today, you get the real since it's a punch in the gut. two outs away. but they know -- everybody i spoke with, they know the orioles can do that. you got to win tonight or else the season is over. look, the giants won three games. the orioles fans are disappointed but confident. >> disappoint, laughing about a rod getting benched and next pitch home run, heartbreaking.
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>> nobody dave us a chance and we -- gave us a chance and we won big. >> different tone from the yankees fans. yesterday they were sensing some kind of nervousness. most of the game they were sitting on their hands until that 9th inning. now today you hear people going up and down the sidewalks chanting raul, raul. >> that's it for us. we'll see you tonight at 5:30. >> look at that magic. >> all right. there's plenty still to go around. fans around baltimore still showing their support as they prepped for this make or break game. check out our photo gallery,
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october is raise breast aware -- breast cancer awareness month. more and more women are being diagnosed. health reporter linda so tells us why it's never too early to get screened. >> reporter: she was a wife and
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mother to twin boys who were four and a half years old. >> this was labor day, less than three months after i was diagnosed many said i was too young. i went the next morning to have it checked out and within 24 hours was told it was aggressive cancer and had a lumpectomy. >> she lost her hair and struggled to get things together. >> i got home and was ill. >> i was sick and had two little children to care for. it was extremely difficult but the count was support if. >> reporter: now she is giving back to an organization focused on patient care for women fighting breast cancer.
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>> chemotherapies, surgeries and you feel like your life is interrupted. there's a new normal on the other side that it's worth embracing. >> reporter: she will join others for breast fest, the annual fund-raiser to support breast cancer awareness and treatment. it's spreading the word that age doesn't matter. >> if you feel something is wrong, you have to see doctor about it. don't let it go, even if it's something your leg or stomach. don't wait. >> reporter: early detection saved her life. >> breast fest is this saturday from 3 until 8:00. you can find out more at still an opportunity for you to get involved in this year's komen race for the cure. abc2 is a proud sponsor.
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for more information for the komen race for the cure call. >> turns out then is no longer in when it comes to your eyebrows. getting that perfect arch can be a challenge. women are turning to eyebrow transplants. doctors used to take the hair off your head and put it on your brow but now they're harvesting hair from your arm, leg, neck. patients won't seat full results for months. gorgeous day, sunshine on tap. temperatures into the upper 60s. dundalk, bright sunny scenario and a really noise looking fin
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nirchlt havre de grace over the susquehanna river. how about a last camera look in baltimore at robert w. komen. take a look in baltimore. temperature now into the basically upper 50s to low 60s across the board. 61 at the airport. wind is light and variable at seven miles an hour. ocean city at 60. 58 in hagerstown. 54 in oakland. winds from the south five to 10. the wepts will be turning -- winds will be turning north and being up steam. if you plan on going out on the town, bring an extra fleece layer. mid-50s in des moines up into canada where the next shot is coming in. that will be a bit of a game
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changer. we're watching a classic october cold front, replace the relatively mild air that i've been enjoying. knocking on the door by tomorrow afternoon. as we go friday into saturday, the cooler air settles in. it will be a cool cress start. has been you will pick out pumpkins, maybe take a hike. rain up north. you can seat impact of the colder air marching in. snow showers. clear weather in the southeast right now but just a little further south and east off the florida coast south of bermuda, new a new named storm. tropical storm patty showing better organization, a well defined center of organization. we'll see what happens to patty. all interested in bermuda. keeping an eye on it right here. so, again, if you're on that
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highland, that's something. partly cloudy, wherever your travel plans take you. just a cooler scenario. we'll say 63. tomorrow is ahead of that cooler air. the temperature is not dropping until this pushes through. 34 chilly degrees. we'll likely see frost. there's already a freeze watch for areas north of maryland. that maybe expanded closer done into the baltimore area. here's the outlook. temperatures cooling off for saturday behind that new shot of cool air but as we go into sunday temperatures rebounding a bit. we may get pack into the low 70s -- back into the low 70s. then early next week we'll bring in another early storm system, so a chance for rain but this comes after the weekend. the showers come after the
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weekend. >> i'd love to see rain on a monday morning, not a sunday. >> that sounds good. welcome back. >> i was in wisconsin for the national weather conference. you ladies get your pumpkins and gourds? >> i will work on it. shaking the vending machine when your candy doesn't come out. it's frustrating but wait until you hear what one lady did when the machine ate her cash. >> this is not they you see every day. where mamma bear and her cubs decided to go for an afternoon stroll.
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as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6.
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a vending machine eating your money is frustrating. a north carolina woman went to the extreme. you can see debra johnson can be seen seth the machine on fire. she will get her chance to come clean during a court appearance. students had trouble focusing in class when they saw this mamma bear and cubs. school officials walked the grounds to make the area was safe. the area is full of salmon. the details on the scope of the meningitis outbreak that keeps growing. we'll have the latest numbers. >> one person is still missing after that massive parking garage collapse. we'll hear from the family.
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>> and omazing team coverage. we'll have a look at tonight's game.
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